Rose City Bluff Restoration, an informal volunteer organization, is dedicated to removing invasive plants and restoring the native ecological system on the Rose City Bluff in Portland, OR. Our immediate goals are to:

  • Maintain previous clipped areas to control re-growth of nuisance plants.
  • Designate future planting areas based on location and access, degree of control over nuisance plants, and visibility from the bluff trail.
  • Prepare and maintain planting areas by: removing nuisance plants; some raking or clearing of debris; low clipping; and mulching with up to 8″ of wood chips for weed suppression.
  • Coordinate fall planting (November to December): securing funding for plant purchases; assisting volunteers in propagating native plants at home; scheduling planting days; publicizing planting days (if additional volunteers needed); and coordinating transport of plants on planting days.